Mystic Divinations


   My name is Gary Boyless, I would like to welcome you to Mystic Divinations. Before getting down to business, however, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself.

   I am a clairvoyant/medium. I do Tarot and Oracle as well as Ouija readings. I also offer a wide range of other types of energy readings as well.

   I was raised in a Christian home, but the older I got the more disenchanted I grew with the Christian faith. This disenchantment coupled with my own detached feelings with the church and with my place in the world,  began pulling me to search for my place in this world. I learned at a young age, that I was a gifted empath. Eventually, I ended up realizing that the spirituality of ancient Egypt had always spoken loudest to me, as did their gods, but none more clearly than the god Wsr, (Osiris). As I began to delve deeper into my own spirituality, I learned that I connected strongly with different forms of divination. The method I connected to most, was the Tarot. I eventually held down my own Tarot booth at a psychic fair, and even read Tarot at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Midland, Michigan where I was a member at the time. Over the years, I discovered that I could see people's auras. The deeper and more involved I got in my spiritual path, the more I discovered about myself.

   After working the psychic fair and a Halloween party at UUFoM, I desired to use my gifts to help others. Over the years that followed I did tarot readings for different friends. More recently, I was encouraged to reach out on a larger scale to others with my readings. That is where the idea for this page comes in. I am offering not just my services as a Tarot reader, but also my services in guided meditations and medium/clairvoyant services. I am constantly growing/expanding developing my gifts, so, I am constantly updating this site. The more I develop and perfect my craft, the more I will offer to those who seek.

   I have seen what others charge for these same services, and I myself would be ashamed to charge such high prices. I am being brutally honest here, I myself live life on a strict budget, but I don't do this for the money. What I do, I do for the benefit of others. Because of this, I try to keep my rates low, and will never charge more than I am willing and able to pay for the same services, and trust me that's not much since I get less than $800.00 a month. I get enough to just get by from month to month sometimes. Still, I keep my rates cheap, so those seeking the type of services I offer, can get the answers and services they are seeking. If someone wishes to pay more than the quoted prices on this site, that is fine, but I will never ask for more than what I have quoted on the pages of this site. 

   So, if you are interested in a reading or guided meditation, I hope to see you soon.

   I can also be found on the Xtarot directory by copying and pasting this link to your browser.