Mystic Divinations

Guided Mefitations

Take a trip inside your mind, and discover personal truths about yourself, you never dreamt of before. 

   Guided meditations are a great way to unlock hidden truths locked inside your soul, as well as a great way to connect with your various spiritual guides and ancestors. Depending on what you are seeking to achieve each guided meditation is uniquely created to maximize the desired outcome. Whether you want to unlock past life memories, or talk to a long passed loved one, or travel to the Land of the Fae, guided meditation is an excellent way to achieve your heart's desire. Guided meditations produce varying degrees of success, you may need to do them a couple times before ultimate success. The more open-minded the individual is, the easier success is reached. I personally shape and design each meditation based on what each individual wishes to achieve. Success of meditation relies heavily on the level of focus each individual is able to attain and no two people will have the same experience. Below is a list of examples for Guided Meditation, but I tailor meditations to suit your needs, so please make your requests.

Discover the Secrets of Your Akashic Library. (Past life meditation)

Discover Your Spirit Guides

Travel to the Land of the Fae

Talk with Dragons...

just to name a few.

Meditations are $15 for 30 minutes and $30.00 for an hour.