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   Need a psychic reading, want to speak to a loved one who has passed?

    I also do Past life and Future readings, If you have any questions as to whether or not I offer a specific type or style of reading just ask, and if I don't offer it or am unable to provide it for you, I can point you to someone who can give you what you desire. My aim is not to fill my pockets with wads of money, my goal is to use my gifts to help others, and any payments I receive are used to purchase better tools of the trade with which to serve all of you better.

    That being said, my psychic and medium/spirit readings are all offered at $15.00 for half an hour. If you want a longer reading session, its $2.00 for every minute over a half hour, or $30.00 for an hour session. These reads are either done via phone or in person. However, if you are not comfortable with doing it over the phone or live too far away to visit me in person, just email or facebook message me your picture, and I will still do your reading. The price for an email or messenger reading is $10.00. Past life readings are the only exception due to the time and energy put into them. Past life readings cost $30.00.