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Here is a list of helpful and useful links in the same vein as this site. 


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Metaphysical Supplies

    Azure Green :: Great place to find anything you may be lacking for your metaphysical needs. Reasonable prices and a staff that is alway friendly and willing to help.

    Divine Design :: A close personal friend of mine runs this site. Everything he offers is handcrafted by him personally, and each item is magically charged with the seller in mind. If you purchase anything from Divine Design, I will give you a 10% discount on any one reading, once Shawn, the creator and owner of Divine Design verifies your purchase agreement.

    Broomsticked :: A much smaller store than Azure Green, but worth a look for the more common Craft supplies.

    Phoenix Rising Apothecary :: Another good shop to check out for all of your metaphysical magical needs.

    Metaphysical Jewelry and Gemstones by Kennae :: I highly recommend this site. Kennae does wonderful work at high quality.

    Pathways :: 8980 Watson Rd
St. Louis, MO 63119
Occult supply and book store.


    Spells & Magic :: Puzuzu, who runs the site has a wealth of information on all things magical and divinatory, not to mention a plethora of information on all things Craft related, (Witchcraft). He also offers various metaphysical services, same as I do.

    Thelema and the Order of the Golden Dawn :: All things Thelemaic. The Order of the Golden Dawn was started by Aleister Crowley.

    Ardantane School of Ancient Magick and Wisdom :: For a price you can learn the Craft of the Wise.

    Circle Magazine :: Wonderfully informative, a great resource!

    Witch Vox :: A wealth of knowedge on all things witchy.

    Witches of the Craft :: Hosted for witches, by witches. Check it out for all your witchy desires.


    Xtarot DIrectory :: Direct link to my profile on a Directory of taror readers.

Spells and Things

    Magic Spells :: Magic Spells, Love Spells of Now Spells. Explore real spells for white magic, black magic. Talismans, Love Spells and Magic Spells that works to dig up help in solving problems with the assist of spiritual power from the magic spells caster. Inquire us today at

    Easy Magic Spells :: Magic spells of saulat khan solve your any problem with Black Magic and white magic spells. 2000+ satisfied customers since 1997 get free trial at, or call at +91 982 060 0330.

    Powerful Love Spells :: Love Spells will work for getting back Lost Love. Love Binding Spells will wind lover. Love Attraction spells make your love attract towards you. Contact More Spells today at

    Magic Spells :: Magic Spells Casting Free. Get List of over 10000+ Real Magic Spells for simple magic spell to make a general wish come true. Get it now

    Magic Spells for Love :: Welcome to Magic Spells world of Mahiyaab. Find Real Magic Charms, Magic Talismans, Spells of Mahiyaab which work effectively. Inquire at

    Lottery Spells :: offer 100% guaranteed result Lottery spells services. Powerful Money spells work fast with proper casting for more information whats app at - +27 73 803 7683

    Psychic Madeline Rose of Australia :: - Free Online Best Psychic readings services near me for professional, health, Financial marriages problem & future reading. Media Rose expert in reading insights and clarity you seek since last 10 year. Feel free email any time.

    Lost Lover Spells :: Lost lover love spells to bring back your ex lover and even banish your ex lover that work immediately by the most experienced Dr. Nana.

    Otylia Wrzos :: Polish Tarot Reader. Numerology and self development

    Best Love Spells ::
Find more than 1000 tips of love spells at saulat magic spells. Saulat khan is a powerful love spells caster shourt out your all kinds of love problem within 24 hours.

    Vashikaran Specialist :: Looking for best Vashikaran expert. Famous Vashikaran Specialist in Ahmadabad, surat, Baroda, Gujarat, India. Get all kinds of vshikaran problem solution instantly by famous astrologer rakesh joshi. Feel free email at for free quatation.

    Lottery Spells :: Free meet experts and specialists of lottery spell caster in South Africa, the USA for winning lottery and gambling games. South African Lottery spells really work fast for lottery – lotto and Powerball results. If you wish to win lottery Spells contact 24 hours on whatsapp no +27 788210595 and email at

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    Black Magic Specialist :: Blackmagicspecialistgurudev.comvo is ffering Magic spells to short ot your love, finance,money and wealth problem. He can cast white and black magic on behalf of you. For vashikan black magic work get free quatation by call on 9145937636.


    Mystic Memoirs :: This is my Guestbook. Feel free to share your testimonial, I would love to hear what you think of my services and how they have helped you. How do you think I could improve? Are there any services or anything that you would like me to offer if I am able? I want to hear from you.

   The links in this section are some of my favorite ones to frequent. You are sure to find somehing of interest if you choose to check them out.

   As a side note, if you would like me to add a link to your site or page, let me know via my contact page.

A little note on the Spells and Things section of this links page. I can in no way vouche for the effectiveness of any of the spells on these sites personally, because, I do my own spells. I say this not to discredit or besmirch the author/s of the spells, because, I have every faith that they do indeed work, or I would not have them listed here. I only feel it right to inform those interested in seeking out spells that while one spell will work for one it may not work for another. There are many types of magic, from candle magic to knot magic to herbal magic and so much more. Don't get discouraged if you don't get results the first time around, simply try something else until you find something that works for you. Remember though spellwork rarely produces immediate results, you will have to be patient and give the spell time to manifest, often one full lunar rotation. For example, if you cast a spell during a Full Moon, you may have to wait til the next Full Moon to see any results of your spellwork. In a final note, I would like to mention spells created personally are often more effective than those created by other people. In other words, if you are able to, I advise crafting your own spells. That being said, have fun and enjoy!