Mystic Divinations

Tarot Spreads

   I offer four different primary style of Tarot readings, however, I am not limited to them. Depending on the nature of the reading, I often create wholly unique spreads in order to meet the demands of the situation, or at the request of the customer.

3 Card- Past, Present, Future spread. This spread features three cards laid out from left to right.

Card 1 represents the recent Past

Card 2 represents the Present

Card 3 represents the near Future


5 Card- Recent Past, Near Future, Distant Past, and Distant Future

The cards are laid as follows:

Card 1 is the Significator, this card represents the questioner and is positioned at the center of the spread

Card 2 is the Recent Past, located to the left of Card 1. This card shows what may have happened in the recent past that may lead to the near future.

Card 3 is the Near/Immediate Future, to the right of Card 1. This card shows what you might expect from the near future.

Card 4 is the Distant Past, positioned below Card 1, this card points to a situation or event in the more distant past that is influencing current situations.

Card 5 is the Distant Future/Ultimate Outcome and is positioned above Card 1.


10 Card Celtic Cross

This spread is great if you have a specific event or situation you may be facing. The Celtic Cross gives you a probable play-by-play look at the situation, and provides clues as to what you may expect out of every aspect of the situation.The cards are laid out as follows:

Card 1 represents the Querant or Questioner

Card 2 lays across Card 1 and represents those challenges that the querant is facing or can expect to face.

Card 3 is to the left of cards 1 and 2 and represents past events that lead to the current situation.

Card 4 is to the right of cards 1 and 2 tells what the querant can expect up to the final outcome.

Card 5 is above cards 1 and 2 and points to the querant's probable goals. This card shows what is working in the querant's favor toward the desired outcome.

Card 6 is below cards 1 and 2 and shows what is driving the querant's motivation.

Card 7 is placed parallel to Card 6 next to the primary cross and shows what possible advice the querant can expect from others.

Card 8 is placed above Card 7 and shows possible external influences on the situation.

Card 9 is placed above Card 8 and points to the querant's hopes and fears.

Card 10 is placed above Card 9 and shows the final outcome.


12 Card Year to Come

Starting at the 1:00 position lay out twelve cards in a circle with the last card at the 12:00 position. The first card you laid represents January, the last card is obviously December. Lovating the card representing the current month, start the reading with the following month's card ending with the card representing the current month. This will give you a glance at what you may expect over the next year.


 If you want all four spreads in a sitting, I offer a Bundle for $50.00, which is a discount of $5.00, when you add up the cost for each if you were to pay full price for all four readings.  If you want just specific ones, and not all four, it is the combined cost of whichever spreads you are requesting.

   I also offer Dragon Oracle readings, if you are interested. A 1 card reading is $5.00, a 3 card reading is $10.00, and a 5 card reading is $15.00. 

I do also create spreads on the spot if you would like, prices for these vary, but my rule of thumb for custom spreads is generally $5 a card. It should be noted however, that the less cards used the less detailed your spread will be.

I accept payments via PayPal. I will also accept some barters, such as I will provide a service in exchange for a service or product you offer. If such interests you, please message me for details, and we may be able to reach an agreement.